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Wearable Design that Makes a Difference



Discarded plastic plaguing the ocean is an environmental catastrophe that hinders the world today, with scientists projecting that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. Caused by people’s readiness to mass produce a material that reshaped our livelihoods into a cycle of dependence, plastic pollution has begun to harm the marine animals, ecosystems, and health of people around the globe. Various nations have acted by placing bans on single-use plastic items such as bags, straws, utensils, etc. This has led to political outcry, as some people see this as a huge disruption to their everyday lives. With so much blatant disregard to giving up plastic, how can we as a human race remedy this pollution? Paradise Tossed’s mission is to challenge people’s relationship with plastic, through wearable design in the form of activism brooches.


The ultimate goal of this project is to rid the ocean of plastic. That however, must be accomplished with time and smaller goals. Each activism brooch is made with the intent to raise awareness on the plastic pollution that plagues our oceans. Coupling semi-precious Argentium silver with single-use plastic bags, every brooch ironically displays a dying marine ecosystem, made out of the very material that threatens all marine life. This design seeks to call people to action through challenging their relationship with plastic, begging the question: how much is plastic worth? At Paradise Tossed, we believe that it is not worth losing our oceans over.


01. Challenge

Challenging people’s relationship with plastic is the first step towards a plastic-free ocean. How much do you depend on plastic, and how much of that dependence is needed?

02. Make Waves

Create waves of change by using your voice and demanding action! The ripple effect is a powerful tool when it comes to saving our environment. How can you be an advocate for a plastic-free ocean?

03. Recycle

Each Paradise Tossed activism brooch is created with recycled single-use plastic bags, crocheted into coral reefs. How can you recycle materials to avoid using single-use plastics?

04. Give Back

Proceeds from activism brooch purchases will be donated to a non-profit organization that specializes in ocean-clean up. Your donation makes a positive and active difference towards a plastic-free ocean.


Eight million tons of single use plastic enter the ocean every year



Paradise Tossed is a self-made brand, created as a Senior Thesis project, in the pursuit of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, at Bowling Green State University. In order to obtain a BFA Degree, seniors are challenged with the task of solving a problem of their choice through design. Their “solutions,” are then required to be displayed publicly, to meet the criteria of a BFA Thesis. Created by Cessna Manalili, the research question surrounding Paradise Tossed was “how can design be used to challenge people’s relationship with plastic?”

Rather than demanding an outright reform towards plastic, which has caused outcry amongst people who depend too heavily on it, Paradise Tossed seeks to create the first needed waves of change towards a plastic-free ocean. This is accomplished by causing people to question and ultimately challenge their relationship with this versatile material. Narrowed down and finessed through the last year of her undergraduate career, the “solution,” became wearable design in the form of activism brooches.

Design has the capability to communicate ideas and connect people across the world. With the potential to reach and influence more people than stationary design ever could, these activism brooches can transcend barriers and create waves of change. The purchase of an activism brooch is accompanied with two postcards and two stamps, allowing activists to create more waves of change by reaching out, and demanding reform. In order to create more waves of change and directly make a difference, proceeds from Paradise Tossed will go to the Ocean Conservancy, a non-profit organization whose mission is to clean the world’s oceans.


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