Q. Am I donating or purchasing?

A. You should view your purchase as a donation. Each activism brooch is priced at $200, and packaged in a recyclable muslin bag, featuring a coral pattern created from our logo. Your purchase of an activism brooch will also include two postcards, and two stamps. The money spent on your wearable design will then be donated to the Ocean Conservancy, a non-profit organization that specializes in ocean clean up.


Q. Why are postcards and stamps included?

A. "Make waves,” is one of our brand values, a euphemism for demanding change or reform. The postcards and stamps serve as a way for our customers to further use their voice to challenge other’s relationships with plastic. Who do you wish would give up plastic? Who do you wish would pass legislation to help protect the environment? If the person you have in mind has an address, use your voice and postcards to send them a message!


Q. What is Argentium silver?

A. A semi-precious silver alloy that does not tarnish. This will allow your wearable design to demand people to pay it attention forever.


Q. I don’t really wear my brooch. Can I recycle it?

A. Our hopes is that the brooch and plastic within it never find their way into the ocean. If you no longer find joy in your wearable design, and do not wish to pass it on to someone else, please contact us. We would love to have your brooch back, and will pay the shipping for its return!


Q. Is Plastic pollution really that big of a problem?

A. Sadly, yes. Over eight million tons of single-use plastic enter the ocean every year, and scientists are projecting that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. These plastics kill innocent marine life, and have found their way into areas unexplored by humans. In addition to choking and strangling marine animals, these plastics break down and have found their way into their DNA. Even more shocking, plastic has been found in the bodies of people who regularly consume food caught from the ocean. Impacting primary producers, consumers, causing ramifications that travel up the food chain, and threatening the habitat that is the ocean, plastic pollution poses a huge problem.


Q. How can I change my relationship with plastic?

A. Start with cutting single-use plastics out of your everyday life. That means goodbye to: straws, bags, bottles, plastic-ware, food and candy with plastic wrappers, and cosmetics with micro-plastic beads. You’ll find that there are reusable things that can replace them if you put in the effort to lose them.

Q. How long does it take to create one activism brooch?

A. Each brooch is unique, with no two being identical. Hours of work are put into each brooch, in the hopes for it to create positive waves of change. Single-use plastic bags are collected, flattened, and cut into strips. These strips are then connected together, and spun repeatedly to create the plastic yarn. Crocheting one piece of coral can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the design, with each brooch succeeding in preventing roughly 3 plastic bags from entering the ocean. It takes about an hour to fasten the coral to one brooch, and about another hour to attach the pin back and make sure the metal is clean.